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Leslie-Anne Menzies


Leslie-Anne-MenziesLeslie-Anne first became aware of her Angel connection as a small child living on isolated islands off the coast of Australia.


As the daughter of a "Lighthouse Keeper" Leslie-Anne grew up on these islands in the peace of her connection to the Angels.

Years later, Angel experiences with her youngest daughter Jodi, rekindled Leslie-Anne's own Angelic connection. Since then she has undertaken numerous metaphysical studies which have guided her to share her Angel knowledge and understanding to help other's as they search for their own answers on the Path.

It is her strong desire and intent to assist fellow traveller's on this journey to open their hearts, eyes and minds to the presence of Angels. And also to appreciate and recognise the full extent of love and inner-beauty in all. Through working with the Angels Leslie-Anne assists other's to find their own connection with these beings of Light and Love which in turn opens up another way of existing which brings more love and light to the Planet.

Leslie-Anne currently lives in Adelaide, South Australia with husband Tom. They have a blended family of seven adult children, their partners and six grand-children.

Leslie-Anne has undertaken extensive study and travelled Interstate and Overseas to accomplish many healing modalities to assist in her Angel Therapy Practice.

Leslie-Anne runs regular Mediation Classes, Angel Awareness Sessions and has a Private Client Practice assisting others toward working and healing with the Angels.


Metaphysical Qualifications

  • Angel Intuitive - Doreen Virtue 2002
  • Wholistic Psychology Certificate IV
  • Theta Healing Techniques - DNA I and II
  • Theta Healing Techniques - Advanced Healing and Strategies
  • Reiki I and II
  • Therapeutic Touch
  • Anatomy of the Aura
  • Sacred Magic of the Angels and Goddesses
  • Seeing, Talking and Healing with the Angels
  • Angel Miracles
  • The Power of Crystals and Crystal Divination
  • The Magical Tarot

Leslie-Anne has also studied extensively with Steve and Barbara Rother of and is currently involved in the LightMaster Initiative working with like-minded people all over the world to help bring more Light and Love to the Planet.