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Angels are everywhere

Welcome to the Angels to Inspire website. Angels are Divine Messengers of Love and Light. They are sent from God The Creator to assist humanity with the momentous changes that are taking place as we enter a very new reality on Planet Earth.

Angels have a high profile, you will see them featured in films, on television and in newspapers . . . everyone is talking about Angels.

Like so many other people I have experienced many Angel encounters.

As a young child I was aware of my Angels. But like most children as the years went by I continued on with my life and all its distractions. However it was through an experience of my youngest of four daughters, Jodi that I reconnected with my Angelic Guidance. It was after that experience that I returned to acknowledging Angelic experiences...

Since that time these Angelic occurrences have increased and now I work closely, on a daily basis, with my Angels. And I have been able to help many other people to also experience their own Angel connections.

Over the years I have worked with specific Angels and at this time I am connected with Archangel Michael who brings messages of love and hope during these challenging times.

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