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A Message from Archangel Michael


Dear Ones

You are World Server Initiates, you serve in whatever role you are currently placed. Do not undermine what it is you are doing. Each is serving within your current circumstances, that maybe, job, home, family, community.

Word servers are in all capacities and you are profoundly loved for

the service you offer each other.

Celebrate yourself and each other. Accept who you are and acknowledge who you are becoming – because I tell you most solemnly you are becoming so much more than you see in yourselves this day.

As the shift continues to accelerate so who you will become will accelerate. You will not recognize the beings before you as you return to this new year of 2011.

For the year of 2011 will see your transformation in so many ways. We will be here to cheer you on this journey.

We your Angels are always by your side even on those occasions when you truly believe you are alone. We tell you, you have never been nor ever will be alone. We are One. One with all that is and sooner rather than later you will have complete knowledge of this Universal fact.

“Fear” is a thing of the past – the future is “Love” love of yourself and each other, love of all humankind – a blending of souls together as it always has been. Only you chose to put the veil up so you would not see your magnificent beauty and so you could play the game you called “Life on Planet Earth.”

Dear Ones, you have forgotten how to love yourselves and each other and you have truly forgotten it is a “Game.”

We watch as you bump into each other with frustration and distain and then reflect that back to your own selves.

See each other as the beautiful human angels that you truly are and then reflect that back to each other and watch as the game becomes fun again.

It is a game of Love and Beauty. Relax, have fun, forget all that you were – Remember all that you are – Magnificent Co-Creators with the Creator. How could you not then see the beauty of all that is?

You are loved beyond measure Dear Ones and this is my truth as it is yours.

As you see the light in your Angels know that you can only see that acknowledged because that is what is reflected in you.

Your light shines brightly on this side of the veil and we honour and respect the work each and everyone of you are doing.

Know you are truly loved and supported even when you do not feel or fail to acknowledge our existence.

We are always by your side, call on us always, allow us to help you shine your light brighter as we walk on this Golden Path together.

It is our joy to share this journey.

And so it is.

I AM Archangel Michael


February 2nd 2011
Leslie-Anne Menzies